Through our experienced partners, we offer our clients a well-balanced portfolio that has been tailored to diversify market risks while offering a stable performance. All of the positions are 100% liquid and can be liquidated immediately upon the choice of the investor


A clear majority of the portfolio is invested in equities. All the selected positions have to correspond with the defined criteria and strategy. Equities build the active part of the Blackwood Asset Management solution and drive the performance in the portfolio.

________________________________ 70%


A second portion is invested in debt. Debt builds the backbone of the Portfolio, offering a lower yet more stable return than equities. The investments in this sector are passive and the positions are entered via vehicles like EMB funds.

___________ 20%

Real Estate

A minority of the portfolio is invested real estate-backed securities which offer a stable return. The strategy targets real estate funds and companies which have a history of stable returns and stable appreciation on their assets.

____ 7%


In some market situations, it makes sense to dedicate a small portion of the portfolio to commodities. Prominently gold is used to hedge against severe inflation. Blackwood Capital AG exposes its portfolio to this asset class via future contracts.

__ 3%


The actively managed part of the asset management solution consists out of the careful selection of the performance-driving assets (Equities). The solution is a clearly defined process to which all of the investments are subject.


In today's market, the safest performance drivers are small to mid-sized companies with a sustainable business model and sustainable growth. Blackwood Capital AG only enters positions with companies that are fundamentally understood, have a proven business model, and constant growth. Positions are not entered with companies whose leverage ratio is over the respective industry standard.

  • Small to Mid-Sized

  • Any industry

  • Fundamentally understood

  • Proven Business Model

  • Constant Growth

  • Fundamental Values and Leverage


Once an investment is targeted, the Blackwood Capital Analysts will conduct extensive research on the security. The collection of information and data is carefully combined in an extensive research report which includes a fundamental analysis of the company, the clear layout and description of its business activities, the competency of the management, the major clients and factors like lawsuits. These reports are made on every position and are accessible to every Blackwood client.

  • Data Collection

  • Fundamental Analysis

  • Internal Factors (Company Structure, Management, Business Model)

  • External Factors (Clientele, Legal Disputes, Image)


Once a security has been chosen, Blackwood Capital AG will consult the decision with its advisory team, consisting of seasoned industry professionals. The team will create a clear investment strategy, which includes entry as well as exit scenarios. These documents are also kept on every security and accessible to all Blackwood investors.

  • Advisory Approval

  • Entry Strategy (When to Buy)

  • Exit Strategy (When to Sell


The orders will be executed through the partner bank. The shares are held with the partner bank. The Blackwood Capital Team contantly monitors its positions to see if certain exit criterias are met. The investors are updated on their portfolio on a monthly basis in an individual report.

  • Order Execution

  • Share Deposit

  • Monitoring

  • Reporting