We are specialized in founding and supporting companies in Switzerland. To facilitate the process for you as a founder, we work hand in hand with selected partners who have several decades of experience. We offer the founder a fully comprehensive system that covers every step of the company formation process.

Swiss Company Types

The Swiss AG (Aktiengesellschaft) is the most common legal form among Swiss companies. A Swiss AG company requires the legally required minimum capital of CHF 100,000, a Swiss domicile address and a Swiss board of directors. The shareholder remains anonymous and is not listed in any public register.

The Swiss GmbH (Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung) is the second most popular legal form among Swiss companies after the AG. A Swiss GmbH requires a share capital of CHF 20,000 and a Swiss domicile address. The board of directors does not have to include a Swiss citizen, but the owners of the ordinary shares can be seen in the public commercial register. Ownership is therefore not anonymous.

The Swiss Foundation is registered in the official commercial register and dedicates the foundation capital to the declared purpose. Thus, the foundation is considered to be a purpose-tied asset and is subject to accounting and auditing requirements. The minimum capital requirement for a Swiss foundation is CHF 50,000. Foundations can benefit from tax relief.

The Swiss Association is an attractive alternative legal form to the Swiss foundation. A Swiss association is a cost-effective way to reach the status of a legal entity. There are no minimum capital requirements for associations in Switzerland and are founded by at least two founders. Associations are entitled to tax relief in Switzerland depending on their purpose.

Single Company
The Swiss Sole Proprietorship is fully owned and managed by the founder. No shares in a sole proprietorship can be sold and the founder is fully liable. From an annual turnover of CHF 100,000, the sole proprietorship must be entered in the Swiss commercial register.

Formation Process

The following steps need to be taken to set up a Swiss company. To speed up the process, our service covers every single one of the following steps, except for the deposit of the share capital.


Preperation of the shareholder documents


Depositing the share capital


Setting up a registered office in Switzerland.


Receiving the registration certificate


Opening a blocked capital account with a Swiss bank


Recieving the capital certificate from the bank


Company registration (notary and commerce register)


Blocked capital becomes free to use



Once a Swiss company has been incorporated, it must be administered in accordance with Swiss law. This includes bookkeeping, domicile address, etc. To find out more about the annual costs, please consult our corporate administration services.